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Intertrigo is the word used to describe a rash in body folds. Affected skin is reddened and uncomfortable. Intertrigo is particularly common in those who are overweight.

Body folds (flexures) are prone to inflammatory rashes because of:

Bacteria and yeasts which are normally resident on the skin multiply in such environments and may result in further damage to the skin.

Specific infections

Skin conditions

Less common causes of intertrigo include:

Intertrigo due to candida infection
Intertrigo due
to candida infection
Intertrigo due
to erythrasma
Intertrigo due
to psoriasis
Intertrigo due
to seborrhoeic dermatitis
Intertrigo due
to dermatophyte
fungus infection

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What investigations should be done?

Investigations may be necessary to determine the cause of intertrigo.

What is the treatment for intertrigo?

Treatment depends on the underlying cause, if identified, and on which micro-organisms are present in the rash. Combinations are common.

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