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Clinical images supplied to DermNetNZ

Author: Dr Amanda Oakley, Editor in Chief, DermNet NZ. April 2010.


DermNetNZ has a vast resource of images. However, there are some topics without illustrations and others where the quality of the clinical images is poor. We welcome contributions to our library.


  • The images should be good quality: in focus, properly exposed, plain background.
  • The patient should not be identifiable: no full-face pictures are acceptable without the express consent of the patient for it to be published in this form on DermNet NZ.
  • Evidence of patient consent must normally be provided for publication. Download DermNet's image consent form.
  • Some unique or historical images may be accepted without a written consent form providing the image is non-identifiable.
  • Please advise whether you wish your contribution to be specifically acknowledged.


Images provided to DermNetNZ will become the property of DermNet New Zealand Incorporated, unless other express arrangements are made, such as shared copyright.

  • DermNetNZ adds DermNet New Zealand Incorporated's watermark to images larger than 250 px width/height.
  • DermNetNZ allows its images to be freely used for Powerpoint presentations and student projects and other purposes as outlined on our image licence page.
  • To cover its costs, a fee is charged by DermNet New Zealand Incorporated if the image is to be used for commercial purposes, if high-quality images are needed or if the image is required without watermark.

How to send images

Please contact us if you would like to contribute images to the website.

Preview-quality images and consent form will be requested before any agreement is reached.


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