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DermNet Website Update

June, 2024

DermNet official announcement



What's changed?

The DermNet website has been upgraded and we're excited to announce all the improvements.

Before jumping into the details, we wanted to take a moment to thank our readers, your support means a lot to us as we strive to make dermatology information accessible to everyone. 

The recent changes have been made with our readers in mind and we focused our efforts on making the site faster, more intuitive, and more accessible.

If you feel a change has missed the mark or you have other feedback, please send us a message here. There is also a dedicated feedback button located in the menu.

So what’s new? Let’s dive in.


Site speed

DermNet now loads faster than ever. We rebuilt our website code to optimise for speed and now even on the slowest network, our pages will appear quickly.


Detailed image search

Previously it was difficult to find all DermNet images in one place. Now with an improved intuitive layout, images can be searched all from one place on our image page. We have also added the ability to filter images by age, sex, body location, lesion type, skin of color and more. 


Image keywords

When an image is opened, all the associated keywords attached to that image appear. You can click on a keyword and be shown other images with that keyword. This makes it easier and quicker to find related images.


Sensitive image display

While we are proud of our data-rich dermatology images we realise that some contain sensitive visuals. Images that depict subject matter such as wounds, genitals, and scars can be shocking for some readers. Now, all sensitive images are initially blurred and you will need to click to show the full image.


Fast search

Searching DermNet is now much faster, and it works on mobile! Our new search function gives predictive suggestions and allows you to click on the search recommendations that appear when you start typing. This means you can access a page more efficiently with one click rather than two on the previous site.


Topic categories

All topics are now grouped under specific searchable categories, so you can peruse other pages related to the same category.


Mobile friendly

As with the search, our website is now optimised for mobile and works just as you would expect when viewing from a smartphone or tablet. Our newly designed mobile menu also gives you access to quick links from any page on the site.


Reduced advertisements

We have reduced the number of ads across our site and tried to make their placement less intrusive. 


Redesigned home page

The previous DermNet home page was cluttered and some of the featured content hadn’t been changed for years. Our new home page now has a refreshed design with easy to navigate content and tools. It features handpicked and trending articles, links to image galleries, quick access to common skin conditions, and over time we will be adding more features like videos and calculators.


PRO website

If you are a healthcare professional, we are building a dedicated platform specifically for you. It will have all the same great content you have always known as well as extra features such as the ability to remove ads, save favourite pages, and access purpose built patient handouts. DermNet PRO will be available soon, read more about it here.



Our translation tool has been removed but you can still translate DermNet pages by using the inbuilt translation tools in all modern browsers. Read more about how to translate here.


We hope you like the new DermNet experience. We welcome any feedback, contact us here.