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DermNet has become a world-renowned resource all about the skin. The website is owned by the DermNet New Zealand Trust. It is frequently updated to provide information about the skin via any desktop or mobile web browser.

Our mission is to make authoritative information about the skin accessible to anyone in the world with internet.

DermNet is supported by and contributed to by New Zealand Dermatologists on behalf of the New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated. DermNet's contributors have included numerous volunteers from all over the world, including dermatologists, other health professionals and students.

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The DermNet New Zealand Trust


The DermNet New Zealand Trust is incorporated by New Zealand Companies Office, Certificate of Incorporation number 2591483. It is a registered charity, Registration Number CC50036. The affairs of the DermNet New Zealand Trust are run by its Trustees.

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Our story


Supported by the New Zealand Dermatological Society (NZDS), DermNet New Zealand was conceived by Dr Amanda Oakley and a small team of New Zealand dermatologists at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society in 1995.

In a world where Wikipedia and Google hadn’t yet been invented, the doctors pooled their resources to provide a completely free and trustworthy online dermatological library certified by Health on the Net.

In 1996, a summer student was employed to upload information sheets written for patients by DermNet's inaugural Chairperson, Dr Mark Duffill, and to scan hundreds of transparency slides. Over time, it became clear that DermNet NZ should also focus on health professionals, researchers and students looking for up-to-date summaries about skin conditions and treatments. 

DermNet New Zealand is a Charitable Trust established in 2013 and led by a Board of Trustees. Its website is the world's most popular dermatology resource, loved by dermatologists, primary care physicians, students and patients. Every day, the website hosts up to 80,000 visitors asking, What’s this rash? and How do I treat it? Our thousands of clinical images appear worldwide in presentations, journal articles, posters, smartphone apps, websites and blogs. 

The condition and topic pages are written by a combination of the in-house content team and volunteers from across the world. Volunteers are specially selected to ensure the high standards are maintained and all topics is edited by DermNet NZ's dermatologists before publishing. 

Today, DermNet NZ continues to grow in scope and reach across the globe as it provides its extensive free content to anyone who needs. 

Watch the history of DermNet NZ


Dr Amanda Oakley presents The History Of DermNet NZ at The International Society Of Teledermatology. In this presentation, Dr Amanda Oakley talks about her incredible journey with DermNet NZ and how it started at a time before Google and Youtube existed –

Video: Video History of DermNet NZ 



DermNet has been certificated by Health on the Net annually since 1996.

It has received awards from TUANZ (2000), Experian Hitwise (2004–2010), SheEO (2018), International Alliance of Dermatology Patients award (2016)  Its ideas for enhancing dermatological diagnoses using artificial intelligence resulted in winning the Ministry of Health's Clinicians Challenge in 2017.

Awards to Amanda Oakley for her work on DermNet New Zealand

Dr Amanda Oakley, DermNet's founder, was honoured on Queen's Birthday in June 2018 by being appointed by Her Majesty The Queen as a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in recognition of her services and contribution to Dermatology.

Other awards

  • 2012 Honorary International Membership of the American Dermatological Association and Honorary Membership of the American Academy of Dermatology
  • 2014 Honorary Membership of Indian Society of Teledermatology
  • 2015 International Pioneer Award of Women's Dermatologic Society and Honorary Membership of MelNet New Zealand
  • 2016 Honorary Membership of Skin Cancer College of Australasia
  • 2017 Lifetime Service in the Charitable Sector Award, a finalist in two categories the New Zealand Woman of Influence award, University of Auckland Dennis Pickup Clinical Educator award
  • 2018 Excellence Award for Exceptional Services to Dermatology from the New Zealand Dermatological Society, the Peter Rothwell Clinical Teacher Award from the University of Auckland, Honorary Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.
  • 2019 American Academy of Dermatology Presidential Citation Award, University of Waikato Kudos Lifetime Achievement in Science award.

Our values


Our people


Dr Steve Helander
Board Chair

Dr Steve Helander is a is a specialist dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at the Auckland District Health Board as well as private practice. He graduated in Auckland and also trained in London and at the Mayo Clinic in the USA. See more about Dr Steve Helander.

Steven lamb

Dr Steven Lamb
Board Treasurer

Dr Steven Lamb is a Dermatologist at the Auckland District Health Board as well as private practice. See more about Dr Steven Lamb.

Dr Louise Reiche

Dr Louise Reiche
NZDSI representative

Dr Louise Reiche is currently NZDSI President (2019–2021). She is a Dermatologist in Palmerston North. See more about Dr Louise Reiche.

martin keefe BW

Dr Martin Keefe

Martin is an experienced dermatologist working in private practice at KM Surgical in Christchurch.  He is originally from the UK and has held positions in public dermatology in both the UK and NZ. See more about Dr Martin Keefe.
Team Block: Our People
Dr Ian Coulson

Dr Ian Coulson
Editor in Chief

Amanda Oakley

A/Prof Amanda Oakley

Team Block: Team Block: Our people (team)

Editorial policy


DermNet NZ aims:                                                      

  • To provide authoritative information about the skin
  • To have all content written or reviewed by dermatologists
  • To record dates of authorship and updates 
  • To be readily accessible and easy to navigate
  • To include low-resolution images for fast downloads
  • To use uniform formatting throughout the site
  • To write in plain English to accommodate a variety of health literacy levels
  • To have modern up to date search facilities
  • To comply with the recommendations of:

We use a British English dictionary. Often, we add American spelling to keywords and phrases for clarity. We have a glossary of medical and dermatological terms accessible on every page as a mouseover tooltip.

Despite the best of intentions, we may include content that is incorrect, out of date, or inappropriate for the individual concerned. Our information should not be used to replace consultation with a dermatologist or other experienced health provider. 



DermNet NZ is funded by donationsadvertising, commercial sponsorship and image licensing.



Images have been supplied by Assoc Prof Amanda Oakley, Waikato District Health Board, Dr Professor Raimo Suhonen (Finland), Dr Richard Ashton (UK), members of the NZDSI, or as otherwise noted.

Contact us if you would like to donate images.


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