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Advertising policy

November 2020

DermNet NZ accepts advertising providing it is relevant to dermatology, ethical, and DermNet NZ has approved its format and content. 

Are you interested in sponsoring or advertising on DermNet? We would love to hear from you.


Sponsors and advertisers do not influence content. Advertising is clearly separated from the editorial content and identified as such. Acknowledgement of a sponsor or advertiser does not imply any endorsement or recommendation of that company’s products by the DermNet NZ or the DermNet New Zealand Trust. The website is mainly funded by sponsorship and advertising which help to keep the website free and accessible by anyone with an internet connection.

The website is mainly funded by sponsorship and advertising which help to keep the website free and accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Some of our sponsors provide an educational grant and prefer not to advertise. Others distribute advertisements for several products on suitable pages. 

Geographic targeting allows advertisers to communicate only in countries of their choice. We also allow advertisers to select relevant topics or specific topic pages to display their ads. Click-through TAPS-approved advertising is available for New Zealand advertisers, dependent on capacity and funding.

Why advertise on DermNet NZ?

DermNet NZ is the #1 website for patients and health professionals seeking information about skin diseases. The website is rated highly as the most comprehensive and authoritative online dermatological website in the world. It is highly recommended by dermatologists everywhere. 

DermNet NZ’s 2,400+ topic pages are easily accessible and written in ‘plain English’. A Google Translation widget allows translations in hundreds of different languages and from all around the world.

  • In the last year, almost 20 million people accessed DermNet NZ. Each month we have more than two million visitors. 
  • Our pages are indexed extremely highly by search engines.
  • 1 in 3 visitors are loyal and return often. We have a low bounce rate.
  • Visitors spend an average of 4 minutes per session viewing 3 pages.
  • Over 60% of website users doctors and healthcare professional.
  • DermNet NZ provides the opportunity to display advertisements on particular topic pages or particular CME courses. 


If you would like to advertise on DermNet NZ, please contact us directly for more information including DermNet NZ’s Media Kit and advertising specifications.

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