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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Principles of dermatological practice
Arthropod infestations
Bacterial skin infections
Fungal skin infections
Viral skin infections
Scaly skin diseases
Common skin lesions
Follicular disorders
Wound healing
Cutaneous signs of systemic disease
Dermatological emergencies
Teledermatology for suspected skin cancers


Guidelines for the management of psoriasis updated 2020
Management of hidradenitis suppurativa: an Australasian consensus statement
Liquid nitrogen/cryotherapy guidelines 2014
Guidelines for diagnosis and assessment of eczema 2014
Guidelines for the management of adult eczema 2014
Guidelines for the outpatient management of childhood eczema 2014

External Resources

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Dermatology journals
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Dermatology societies and organisations
Worldwide dermatology links
University of Auckland FMHS Dermatology course for medical students
Dermatology meetings

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