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DermRMO2Help us to improve DermNet by contributing clinical photos.

DermNet has a vast resource of clinical photos.  However, there are some pages without illustrations or photos could be improved.

Would you like to contribute a photo for a specific page? Please fill in this form. Please note that we do not provide medical advice.

If you have a collection of clinical images, please email us directly at [email protected].

You will need to provide information for each image including the name of the disease, condition or procedure, patient history (but excluding any information that could identify the patient). DermNet may contact you for more details. DermNet collects and uses your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy

We expect patient consent to have been obtained for teaching and publication. However, if no consent exists, we can accept those images where the patient is entirely unidentifiable, such as a close-up of a mole or a patch of eczema on the foot. Our consent form may be used – download consent form


  • The clinical images should be good quality: in focus, properly exposed, plain background.
  • The patient should not be identifiable: no full-face pictures are acceptable unless the patient specifically consented to you providing the image for use in accordance with the Image Upload Terms.
  • Please advise whether you wish your contribution to be specifically acknowledged.
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Before uploading your images, please read the Image Upload Terms.


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