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Laser eyelid surgery

Author: Dr Mark Gray, Dermatologist, Auckland, New Zealand, 1997.

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Ageing of the eyelids

Droopy eyelids and bags under the eyes can make us look tired and older than our years. Eyelid hoods, bags and wrinkles are readily treated with a carbon dioxide laser.

Laser eyelid surgery

What are the advantages of laser eyelifting?

In comparison to traditional surgical eyelifting procedures (blepharoplasty) there is less swelling, little or no bleeding, quicker recovery, little or no post-operative pain, no visible scar below the lashes on the lower eyelid and no loss of eyelashes.

What does the procedure involve?

You will be comfortable in twilight sleep (sedation) or under a general anaesthetic. The eyeball is protected with a metal plate and the laser is used to make a cut in the upper eyelid to remove any excess skin and fat. The wound is sealed with tissue glue and/or a few rapidly dissolving stitches. The bags under the lower eyelids are removed through a small incision on the inside of the lower eyelid. No stitches are required and there is no visible external scar. The laser may then be used to resurface and tighten the skin of the lower eyelid.

How long will I be out of action?

There is some swelling but generally little or no bruising after the procedure. Many people return to work in one to two days. However, if in addition the skin of the lower lid is resurfaced, it is best to take 10 days off work.


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