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Inflamed tender lesion extending down abdomen

Last reviewed: November 2022

Author: Dr Ian Coulson, Consultant Dermatologist and Editor-in-Chief, 2022.

Edited by the DermNet content department

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This man developed an inflamed tender lesion over the left lower chest extending down towards the abdomen. As the pain and inflammation resolved, he developed a cord-like lesion palpable under the skin. 

What is this condition?


This man has developed acute superficial thrombophlebitis of the thoracoepigastric vein. As the condition has resolved, he has developed a fibrotic cord-like band. This was first described by Henri Mondor, a French surgeon, and the condition is often termed Mondor disease.

What can it be associated with?


It can affect the superior epigastric vein and the lateral thoracic vein. Less commonly, it can affect penile superficial veins. It may occur after local infection or trauma, but can be associated with thrombophilic disorders, and has been reported in association with breast cancer.

How do you treat it?


It usually only requires symptomatic treatment such as analgesia and anti-inflammatory treatment for the pain and inflammation.


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