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Teledermatology for suspected skin cancers

Skin lesion history

Created 2017.

A structured referral letter or proforma may be useful in ensuring the required information is captured consistently. 

The following patient demographic data should be collated as standard:

  • NHI
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity

The proforma should also at least note the patient’s consent:

  • Repeat and recent medications
  • Other medical conditions.
  • Allergies

Additional minimum information for a teledermatology referral for skin lesions:

  • Date of onset/duration
  • Whether single or multiple
  • Location/s on body
  • Size of the lesion
  • Changes in size, shape, colour
  • Any bleeding and/or ulceration
  • Symptoms
  • Any personal and/or family history of skin cancers
  • Other risk factors, ie excessive sun exposure, fair skin, large number of naevi, immunosuppression, outdoor occupation etc.

A body map is also recommended to show the site of the lesion/s. At its most basic, this can be an image of a hand-written diagram or anatomic stamp

See smartphone apps to check your skin.
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