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Pigmented lesions – 10 cases

There are 10 pigmented lesions to diagnose in this quiz

For each of the ten cases, study the image(s) and then answer the questions. You can click on the image to view a larger version if required.

Each case should take approximately 2 minutes to complete. There is a list of suggested further reading material at the end of the quiz.

When you finish the quiz, you can download a certificate.

Case 2

Ephelides or freckles.

The ephelis (pl. ephelides) presents as a 1-5mm tan macule that shows up with sun exposure and tends to fade in winter. Histologically the pigment is found within keratinocytes because of increased localised production of melanin by genetically programmed melanocytes. Ephelides are particularly common in fair-skinned and red-haired individuals during childhood and adolescence, and appear mainly on the nose, cheeks, shoulders and upper back. They tend to fade during the winter months and with age. Sunscreens may prevent their appearance.

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