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Teledermatology for suspected skin cancers

Image editing for referral

Created 2017.

Many images are adequate as they are.  Others are better edited.  

  • Save a duplicate of the original as back up.
  • Consider how to improve the image. 

Editing options available depend on your platform and available software.

Preview for Mac

On a Mac computer, by default, clicking on an image opens up Preview.

Tools / Show Inspector

  • Shows image information
  • Shows file information
  • Add keywords

Preview image editing options are:

Tools / Adjust colour

  • Auto Levels are usually best
  • Exposure and contrast may be useful if you didn’t adjust these on the camera 

Tools / Annotate

  • This is used for pointing out something of interest

To crop the image, eg to place subject in centre of image or shrink background

  • Tools / Rectangular selection
  • Drag the rectangle to select part of the image
  • Tools / Crop (or ⌘K)

After you have completed editing, save a resized version that has a width between 1200 and 2400 px, as a high-quality JPG file to be used for your referral.

Tools / Adjust Size

  • Check Scale proportionally and resample image
  • Type in the desired width in pixels
  • Resolution is 72 pixels/itch for viewing on screen

PictureViewer and Paint on PC

Clicking on an image on a PC opens Windows PictureViewer by default.
Click on the edit icon. This opens the image in Paint by default.
Explore editing options.

  • My version of Paint does not allowing zooming out below 100%.
  • Image / Attributes is used to resize the image.

There are many better and free image editing programs available for download.

See smartphone apps to check your skin.
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