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Facial rejuvenation

Author: Dr Amanda Oakley, Dermatologist, Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2001.

Over time, skin loses its youthful appearance. This natural ageing process is often accelerated by:

The visible results are superficial blemishes – broken capillaries, freckles (lentigos), and keratoses (dry spots), scars, fine wrinkles and deep furrows.

Rejuvenation of facial skin can be achieved in a number of different ways.

Antiageing creams are applied to the face, neck and hands long term. These may contain:

Fillers (implants) can be injected under the skin to disguise crows' feet lines, whistle lines and some scars. These include:

Resurfacing refers to surgical or laser procedures that take off the top layer of skin, smoothing it out.

Surgery is necessary to disguise or remove sagging and loose skin.

  • The full facelift includes muscle/facial tightening for jowls
  • Neck lift for loose skin and muscles of the neck
  • Temporal lift or endoscopic forehead lift for sagging of the forehead and eyebrow
  • Blepharoplasty to remove baggy eyelids.

Botulinum toxin is used to paralyse overactive muscles of facial expression, especially in the central forehead and crow's feet.

Facial capillaries can be removed using a vascular laser or intense pulsed light

Brown spots can be removed using pigment lasers or intense pulsed light.



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