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Systemic therapy

Created July 2018. 

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This page includes a list of systemic medicines used for the inflammatory skin diseases, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and urticaria.

For further information, refer to the individual treatment pages listed below.

Some of these medications are considered immune suppressants, especially those marked with an asterisk (*). Immune suppressants increase the risk of acquiring infection and may increase the severity of an infection.


Common systemic treatments for psoriasis 

Less common treatments for psoriasis

Biologics for psoriasis

Biologics for psoriasis include:

Moderate and severe psoriasis suitable for systemic therapy

Atopic dermatitis

Common systemic treatments for eczema

Less common treatments for eczema

Biologics for eczema

Severe atopic dermatitis suitable for systemic therapy


Common systemic treatments for urticaria

Biologics for urticaria




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